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The Scheduling Business specialises in helping clients harness their manufacturing capability for competitive advantage.



We can help develop stategies to effectively use ERP and Production scheduling tools to:

  • maximise output from existing manufacturing resources;
  • reduce throughput lead times;
  • improve customer satisfaction with reliable delivery performance.


See discussion paper on how finite production scheduling tools can enhance the performance of an ERP system >>>


At the core of our approach is the use of the world leading Preactor production scheduling system. Preactor helps you rapidly develop plans that are visibly feasible to both within your company and your customers. With Preactor you can both improve performance and demonstrate to customers a higher level of performance that competitors without these tools will be unable to match.


Clients are typically medium to large manufacturing or repair & overhaul sites, with a mixed work load and established ERP business systems, where our unique skills and integration software provide a robust approach to enhancing performance by rapidly building scheduling capabilities into the existing systems infrastructure.


Production Scheduling is particularly effective in challenging non-repetitive manufacturing and repair environments, where it is difficult to assess the impact of varying work loads in order to make best use of production resources.



Why not contact us for a rapid on-line demonstration. It generally takes under an hour to assess whether Preactor is an appropriate tool for your environment.









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